A Chance Encounter

Recently been on a cruise and part way through I was told that a guitarist was joining the ship to give a couple of concerts. That guitarist turned out to be none other than Carlos Bonell.

Carlos was born in London of Spanish parents (great pedigree for a guitarist), has played guitar since the age of 5 and studied under John Williams. He became Professor of Guitar at the Royal College of Music at the age of 22, and is still there.

Although I knew of Carlos Bonell, I had never seen him in concert. I have to say I was mightily impressed. The pieces he played covered some of the classical repertoire and some of his own arrangements. In all cases his playing was flawless and his technique outstanding.

His own arrangements included some of the Beatles songs from his Magical Mystery Guitar Tour CD. Bonell has worked with Sir Paul McCartney for some time, notating music for Sir Paul's in-progress Guitar Concerto.

I bought a couple of his CDs (as you do) and have just started to play them. His Beatles arrangements are very accomplished pieces and will repay some listening. He's also done and album of Queen works. Hmm........