Barber Concert Hall

A Review by Boo Vernon

I went to a lunchtime guitar recital at the Barber Concert Hall, Birmingham University on Friday 24 November to hear a recital by Sean Shibe. The Concert Hall was full, including a class of school children but he silenced us all with the sound his guitar produced. He was outstanding, shaping each note. He was able to sustain a melody note while executing passing harmony elsewhere.

He played Lute Suite no 4 in E major by J S Bach, and several Etudes and Preludes by H Villa-Lobos. But for me the best was 4 little pieces which were not printed on the programme. He said that they were from early Scottish manuscripts and they were lilting folk tunes with fantastic harmonics which filled the Concert Hall.

Sean Shibe is a classical guitarist from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. He is of both Scottish and Japanese ancestry. He studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and with Italian guitarist Paolo Pegoraro.

Born1992, Edinburgh


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Record labels
: Delphian Records, BBC Music Magazine

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